If you’re anything like me and on a bit of a self development quest (either knowing where you’re going or simply wishing you did), you have probably heard a lot of talk about a ‘vision board’, also known as a ‘dream board.’ So what is it? Well the idea is that in order to start manifesting those goals and ambitions, you need to start living with the right mindset and by that I mean one that’s not waiting around for the change to come but actively searching for ways to create thE opportunities that will lead you there. A vision board is simply a tool for assisting this process and helps you to focus on the things that are really important to you and what you are aiming for. (If you want to read and understand this process more thoroughly, I’ll add some useful links at the bottom of this post).

So what do you need? You can start by gathering images that represent your goals. These could be photos, designs or drawings. You can create your vision board as a pin board and attach your images by hand, or you can use computer software such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva or Picmonkey to make a digital version. You can also add quotes and inspirational messages. The idea is that it becomes a curated collection of you own personal inspiration; your go-to place to motivate you to keep going and achieve those dreams. And just like Blue Peter, here’s one I made earlier….

My first attempt at a vision or dream board

I made this one by saving some pictures from pixabay.com , (all of which were available for commercial use so I didn’t infringe any copyright laws), and put them together on a page in Adobe Photoshop. Below I’ve described briefly the significance of these images.

Some of the explanations for my chosen pictures

I’m finding it really hard to juggle everything at the moment; being a (good) mum, trying to pursue my passions and find a plausible direction for them as well as kicking the arse out of my Digital Mums Social Media Management course so hopefully this board will help keep me on track. I’m going to stick it inside my wardrobe door so that every morning I’ll see it and can ask myself ‘what am I aiming for? Am I doing enough with each day, week or month to bring me just a little bit closer to those things?’

Ask yourself 'Am I doing enough with each day, week or month to bring me just a little bit closer to my goals?'Click To Tweet

Are you are a visual person like me? This could be a great motivational tool for you too and it’s a really fun and creative way to express your goals. If you try it, leave a comment below about how you get on!

For more info on vision boards, take a look at this video…

Zoe x

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