If you’ve ever wanted to start a podcast, here are 10 things to consider, coming from a total beginner!

  1. Organisation is key – keeping track of guests I’ve contacted, guests I’ve booked, interviews I’m conducting and episodes to edit has been hectic at times. I know you can subscribe to CRM platforms but everything about this podcast has been done on a budget of almost zero so thank goodness for Google docs, Google sheets and calendly to keep me on track.
  1. Just like in teaching, you need a plan. No point just turning up for conversation, there has to be an objective and some key points you’d like the listeners to walk away with otherwise it’s not providing value and the overall message from the episode gets lost. Be clear about what this guest has to offer the show and how that is beneficial to your listener.
  1. I love connecting with people and hearing their interesting stories. I sometimes need to rein in my curiosity but only because the conversations then go on for hours. Longer isn’t always better either. Some of the strongest episodes, full of value, took only 45 minutes of talking.
  1. My social media has really gone up a gear since starting a podcast because I stress less over the content – it’s already there in my interviews and just needs extracting into posts, captions and blogs. This is good news if you struggle with what to publish – you have a constant source you can then repurpose
  1. It takes time when you’re doing it alone. Yes, I know there are tools and people out there I can outsource to but I’m broke so for now it’s all on me. No worries, I enjoy doing all the things, but I did NOT realise how long editing would take, chasing down guests, rescheduling interviews, creating social media posts etc.
  1. When I really want something, I make it happen. OK, technically I knew that about myself already, however I never imagined it would take me 5 years to go from wanting a podcast to actually starting one. I’m a bit ashamed about that, but nonetheless, and despite having 2 children in the meantime, it’s here now so proof that if you can hang on to that goal, it WILL happen eventually!
  1. People actually do reach out to you and want to be guests! This was surprising given that I’d only just started but I welcomed the chance to connect with people I didn’t know, and it excites me to think who might be out there listening that I have never met.
  1. You can still make an impact even when you’re small. People have messaged me to tell me how much they enjoyed an episode, that an episode has made them think differently or that they’ve been inspired to take action thanks to something they heard on my podcast. Perfect! This is exactly what Id hoped for and it’s so satisfying knowing that I’m helping people in my own small way
  1. I’ve found something that suits my personality and doesnt make me feel inadequate for not being super extrovert. Life has this way of making you feel a bit shit if you can’t walk into a room and just automatically strike up a conversation or blow your own trumpet. It’s as if extroverts are expected to be successful and anyone else isn’t. Here in podcast land though, I get to be authentically me, I get to indulge in my own curiosity, l am needed to be a good listener and I must appoint myself the leader of my own show. Cringe at times, but all doable. If you’re slightly introvert, don’t be put off starting, it’ll be your strongest asset!
  1. Lastly, I’ve learned to be f*cking bolder! I’ve approached people I admired but didn’t know; I’ve reached out on social media for guests and sponsors; I’ve committed to a monthly newsletter that recaps some of the episodes and I ask the questions even when they make me uncomfortable!

So, if you are STILL sitting on the fence about starting your podcast, just GO FOR IT! Start scrappy – it’s the best way to propel yourself forward and you can polish your product later.

Has anything here surprised or helped you? Let me know!

Zoe x

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