How to stay creative after a baby…

I haven’t managed to write post-baby yet so here goes! I’ve been looking for inspiration for this latest post and have turned to my own experience to try and get my blogging mojo back! I’ve been finding it very tough to focus on my other 2 creative outlets – leather making and social media consultancy – since having my second child and consequently this has left me feeling a bit frazzled and frustrated. Having thought about possible solutions, I decided I’d turn them into a few tips on this week’s blog… Continue reading “How to stay creative after a baby…”



Following on from last week’s reflective post on trying to focus on what I want to achieve, I decided to enrol on the WORK/LIFE BALANCE MASTERCLASS by Selfish Mother. The course consists of a series of short videos and activities to complete via a workbook to really get the message across. Not only am I enjoying this mini course but I’m also a massive fan of Molly Gunn, a.k.a Selfish Mother, so this week I’d like to dedicate my latest blog post to all the inspiration she is giving me… Continue reading “SELFISH MOTHER WORK/LIFE BALANCE MASTERCLASS REVIEW…”


I knew it had been a while since I last blogged but I was shocked when I realised it was 5 months ago. I had been doing so well at balancing regular blog posts with looking after my son and studying for my social media course but then somehow I fell off the wagon (not for the first time). I’m not sure what happened. I got sucked into social media, via Digital Mums, I kind of ran out of ideas for things to write about here and raising a hyperactive toddler became distinctly more tricky than looking after the sleepy, immobile baby I had grown to know! Continue reading “JUGGLING MUM LIFE AND PERSONAL LIFE…”


So, as I’ve already mentioned, one of my aims for 2018 is to do something towards personal development every day. Last week I enrolled on the Mindset Shift Summit, (which I discovered thanks to those wonderful @DigitalMums on Twitter), organised by the lovely Sophie Segal, and signed up to participate in a series of inspiring talks all with the objective to help support mums find flexibility and confidence… Continue reading “MINDSET SHIFT SUMMIT 2018 REVIEW”



During my maternity leave, I made a decision to really work on self development, knowing that becoming a mummy would be challenging and push me beyond anything I’ve ever done before. I was doing pilates most days, watching videos about goal setting, learning about branding and reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert but for all the good it was doing me, I was worried about my future career prospects…. Continue reading “FUTURE PROOFING AND UP-SKILLING WITH DIGITAL MUMS”