One of the ways in which I’m trying to gain clarity and stay motivated on my long, entrepreneurial journey is to listen to podcasts. I find that it’s a great way to discover new ideas, listen to first hand experiences from entrepreneurs who have already made it and learn valuable lessons on tools, tricks and tips on transforming a dream into reality. The best thing is that listening means I can multi task; I’ve been able to listen whilst breastfeeding, tune in when I’m cooking dinner, feel inspired whilst I’m doing the washing up and my current favourite; motivate myself when I’m out running. How’s that for some super-mum time-saving?! This week I’ve decided to share 5 of the podcasts (all available on iTunes) currently on my Ipod….


What’s it about? Each week Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association interviews inspirational women who have taken the plunge and started their own businesses

Why it’s worth a listen: Because so many of these women have inspirational stories, proving that you don’t need to have all the answers in order to get started. They also often give valuable advice and share tips on processes, tools and resources that have helped them along their journey. I’ve learned the names of all sorts of useful apps and websites that I previously never knew existed.



What’s it about? The podcast is the audible version of her ElleChat live stream and to quote Lauren herself, “a weekly power-hour of practical tips and strategies used to help you start and scale your creative business” I first discovered Lauren Hooker from listening to an interview with her on another podcast. I opened up her website to learn more and immediately warmed to her approachable personality and genuine desire to help other creatives.

Why it’s worth a listen: I’ve enjoyed several live stream video Ellechats but as I don’t always have time to watch them, I’ve recently subscribed to the podcasts instead. Lauren comes across as a kind, young and unpretentious expert in setting up a creative business and is eager to pass on her knowledge with sincerity and in her characteristically friendly manner. She creates valuable content such as simplifying launch strategies, growing your client list and time-saving hacks for entrepreneurs. I love that despite the fact that she has a hugely successful creative business, she is not a brash businesswoman scaring you with her over-confidence, designer heels and patronising voice. She is in fact very humble in her manner, sweet in her teaching and generous with her knowledge.



What’s it about? Reina (life & business success coach) and Christina (Lawyer for creatives) want to help you develop the business side of your creative endeavour and do so by interviewing industry thought leaders and providing insights and solutions to common creative-business problems.

Why it’s worth a listen: I’m actually quite new to this podcast as I only came across it a month ago but so far I’ve been impressed by the content. In particular, episode 147 ‘How to Price for Profit’ with Valerie Gernhauser, (author of the book Pricing for Profit), which provides strategies for creatives to ensure their products are actually making money at the end of the day.



What’s it about? If you don’t know Elizabeth Gilbert then where have you been hiding?! She’s the international bestselling author of Eat, Prey, Love (you remember, the film with Julia Roberts?) and most recently for ‘Big Magic; Creative Living Beyond Fear.’ This podcast is an extension of her book, which challenges us to run those risks, face our fears and answer our creative callings, in order to live a more fulfilled life embracing our passions.

Why it’s worth a listen: because dear Liz Gilbert is like your big sister, or your kind-hearted aunty or your sagacious fairy godmother! She tells it how it is, drawing on her own experiences, interviewing other creatives and putting things into perspective but with all the compassion and encouragement of your best friend. As she says in her book, “Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.”



What’s it about? Elise Blaha Cripe is all about supporting small businesses and, in particular, craftspeople and makers. She already has her own successful online business, selling craft materials, stationary and a very slick looking yearly planner. As well as tips on goal setting, staying creative and launching online products, she also conducts insightful interviews with genuine creators on her ‘Maker Chats.’

Why it’s worth a listen: because many of the podcasts out there – even those aimed specifically at female business owners – tend to lean toward service based industries such as coaching, technology providers and administrative assistance. It was really refreshing to listen to someone whose entire podcast series is dedicated to product based businesses and ‘meeting’ the makers behind them. One episode I liked was no.137 with Amy Small, an online shop owner with a background in fashion and textiles, who launched her own beautiful range of yarns and knitting patterns. It was inspiring to hear her honest account of how her business had grown organically from a culmination of her passions, her travels and her previous experience designing at Free People.

Naturally, there’s a wealth of amazing podcasts out there these days so there are lots more I still want to try. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below and share the podcast love!

*Which podcasts do I need to get my ear to?!

*Anyone have any recommendations specifically for leather makers?

Share the podcast love in the comments box below!

Ciao for now…

Zoe x


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