If you’ve ever felt frustrated with life, experienced a lack of purpose, been stuck or just felt the need for some serious disruption, I want to help YOU. This was me a few years ago and as I set off on a quest to find my purpose, I realised that it was becoming an unhealthy obsession which I was taking way too seriously. “Where had all the fun gone?”  I remember asking myself.

But then I had a thought; Could FUN actually be the key to all of this?! I didn’t know, but I was willing to explore the possibility so I started focusing on making more of the good stuff and life suddenly got a whole lot better! 

The end.

No! Wait, I’m just kidding! 

But let me ask you a serious question now; when was the last time you encountered a moment of real, connected, flow-state FUN? And I’m not talking about the funny dog video you watched with your mates on Facebook last week, I’m talking about those real experiences where you just lose all sense of time because you’re enjoying yourself so damn much?

Time to rebel…

If you can’t remember, you may well need this podcast and I’m not afraid to admit that I definitely do. I want mischief over mediocre and I don’t accept that life has to be dull, just because I’ve hit 40, shit, I mean 41 actually. How about we turn the term crisis on its head and call it a midlife revolution instead? What would happen if we all got a bit more intentional about enjoying ourselves and started rebelling against the ordinary? 

How did I end up here?

My story, like many midlifers I imagine, is that I got caught up in the hamster wheel of life and feeling as though there was no way out of the mediocre existence I’d somehow created. Then I had 2 kids and instead of feeling blissfully happy to longer be working in jobs I hated, where I was often treated like shit, I discovered a new hamster wheel in a different cage, only this one came with no salary, cleaning and washing 7 days a week and 75% less sleep. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my children and I would never be without them, BUT I was desperately looking for something that would fulfill me in a way that motherhood just didn’t at that time, it’s just that I didn’t really know where to begin. Every time I tried to claw back my pre-bambini identity or even a moment to myself, I felt guilty, defeated, frustrated and trapped, as though life was just happening to me and I had lost all control. I also lost my confidence, which to be perfectly honest had never been that high to start with. And the thing that I found hardest wasn’t cleaning all the sick off me or shitty nappies or even the raging toddlers throwing Duplo at my face. It was the feeling of helplessness and fear as I thought to myself “is this really it?” I visualised those dreams and ambitions I’d had sliding down the toilet alongside my daughter’s first big-girl poo…

Do you feel like I did?

So this podcast is about that—the dreams and ambitions, not the poo – it’s about sharing the parts of my journey – the frustrations, the problems, the tears whilst also giving you the books, the tips, the people, the exercises that I’ve used in order to get myself back in the game on my quest to get myself ‘unstuck’ and achieving the FREEDOM to live the life I choose. Mischief to me means disrupting the status quo, not being afraid to cause trouble or to do things that not everybody is going to understand but unlike everyday troublemakers, there are good intentions in every action. Now I want to be here to encourage YOU when you feel like you’re stretching for an impossible dream because we all need a friend to remind us to keep going and an accomplice to execute the job!

So, are you a mum struggling for ways to enjoy yourself because you’re at the beck and call of your family? Are you an adventurous-creative who’s fallen out of love with creativity? Are you successful in the corporate world but dreaming of an escape that’s wild and free? Have you lost confidence in your ability to change your current situation or felt nostalgic about the things you could have done but tell yourself ‘it’s probably too late now anyway?’ If any of this resonates with you I hear you and I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to turn things around! 

Let me help you!

I want you to walk away from the show feeling inspired, motivated, capable and armed with the strategies that are going to get you out of that dirty ditch of despair and climbing confidently up that metaphorical mountain towards your dream life! I confess, I don’t have all the answers yet but I’m pretty sure this podcast will help, as each week we delve deeper into these ideas as I share both my knowledge and experience and talk to inspiring guests who put FUN, PLAYFUL DISRUPTION and REBELLING AGAINST THE ORDINARY at the heart of what they do.

“My mission is to be your facilitator of fun, advocate for adventure and catalyst for change. I want to take this idea of doing more things that make us feel alive and turn it into a whole mischief movement where the essence is about living life, giving back and creating a positive impact.”

Zoe Greenhalf

Number 1 launched on 30th January 2023 so, if you can already feel your inner rebel getting excited, please listen here, hit ‘follow’ and join me for future episodes. I believe in you and together I KNOW we can make amazing things happen. Now, go grab your brave pants and let’s shake things up in here. It’s time to stop making excuses and make some mischief instead…

Zoe x

Do you dream about more fun, freedom and adventure?
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