Resurrecting this blog from the depths of darkest cyberspace is a little daunting to say the least. Why did it stop in the first place? Because, like so many other fledgling bloggers, I was too unsure and overwhelmed to really give my writing a strong direction and identity. I had no idea who I was talking to, what to write about or where on earth I was going with this website so it fell by the wayside for a time.

(Is it wrong of me to admit that? I’d rather be upfront about these things…)

During the evolution of this blog I have also undergone something of a personal transformation; from designing footwear, to getting my motorbike licence, discovering how to make leather products by hand, to teaching English, entering parenthood and finally wanting to follow my passions, get my teeth into something real and create a life I not only love but can also be insanely proud of! I can’t be more specific right now other than to say I am at the inception of some kind of entrepreneurial adventure and finally I want it badly enough to make it happen. I feel like I have a stack of unfulfilled potential that needs cultivating, liberating and aiming at a project and I’ve just been searching for the right one.

I still don’t have all the answers and nothing’s figured out but I’m going to retake the reins and document this journey as I start to pull all the pieces together and try to complete the puzzle…

Will you join me?!

Zoe x

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