What if everything you’d done up until now had been leading you towards this point? What if it wasn’t ever about the perfect career, the 2.4 kids or the dream marriage but the struggles and experiences that shape the way you are and give live its meaning? Could you ‘find your fit’ not from following a linear path but from embracing everything life throws at you – good and bad – instead?


When I spoke to Jennie from Ride Like a Girl, she opened up about increasing her confidence through riding but also ‘finding her fit’ – this idea that she had found a place, a purpose and a community in which to belong after trying different things and living through various experiences.

If you can open up to exploration and be willing to try new things, even when they seem to have no logical sense, if they feel right to you, they are probably helping you ‘find your fit.’


When you choose to follow the the things that light you up, eventually you’ll land on the one that brings you so much joy, you couldn’t then not do it! It might still be challenging but you’ll enjoy the challenge, because you can lose yourself in the moment. When you can reach that zone of losing all sense of time, you’ll start creating magic. This is how it feels to be aligned and in tune. If you can find something, (or several things – no need to stop at one), to get stuck into, you’ll even wonder why it too you so long to get here in the first place.


My greatest wish for you is that you can fall in love with life and I know of no better way to get there than in doing more of the things you love! They transport you. They help you attract other people like you into your life. When we can share common interests, it creates a sense of connection and humans are designed to be sociable creatures. Connection is fundamental to our wellbeing and the upshot of feeling connected is that we then experience a sense of belonging; this idea that we are not alone, there are others like us and we have found our fit.


They can and they do and that’s normal. But something I listened to recently prompted me to re-evaluate those moments. When we come across setbacks and things don’t work out as we would have liked, it’s so easy to let our frustrations take over. But, the interview I was listening to rightly pointed out that when things are going smoothly, when there are no bumps in the road, we coast along. We don’t look to change anything because we are comfortable. It’s the obstacles and curve balls we are thrown that shake things up and, as disruptive as they are, often steer us into new thoughts, new feelings and as a result, new actions…


The things that knock us off track are not setbacks, they are set-rights! They take us off one path but often set us up on another and these re-sets are where growth happens. If we try to approach new scenarios and unexpected plot twists with curiosity rather than pining after something that no longer serves us, we can embrace the changes and enjoy the process of experimenting.

Make mistakes but don’t call them failure. It’s just feedback. Finding your fit takes trial and error. Allow yourself the possibility to ‘try on’ many hats to see which one fits, or to be really bad at something or do something no-one would ever expect you to do! Give yourself permission to try. Then if you decide to pursue it and master a new skill without the pressure of a achieving a specific result, you can lean into the experience, enjoy it, meet likeminded people, have fun along the way and open your mind to possibility…

Until next week, stay well my friends and always make more mischief!

Zoe x

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